"Is it fate or chance? I can never decide."


for klc-journei 

Magic is real. I can touch it and command it and I need no faith for it to fill me up inside. If you are looking for your higher power, there it is.

Varric Tethras is one part adventurous rogue, one part dashing storyteller, and three parts trouble. Born on the surface, Varric has little love for his underground brethren—all his contacts lie with the dwarves of the Merchants Guild, though he has little taste for their schemes. Still, he has found a place as an outsider, rubbing shoulders with both the wealthy elite as well as the worst of scoundrels. To hear him tell of it, that’s all he truly cares about, though anyone who truly knows him claims differently. They say that, try as he might, Varric has been drawn more and more into conflicts that shake the world—ones that he can’t get himself out of with a quick tale.


I mean I do have Alistair in the party but the screaming that accompanies most battles….sounds pretty feminine…

if it’s not leliana please tell me and put my soul at rest {or well if it is her please tell me too because that’s hilarious}


I started Dating Simulator: Origins recently so I could get through all of them before Inquisition is released 

So far I like it!!


From The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition [source]

looks like default human male Inquisitor.


Corporal Rosslin, voiced by the winner of the German “Take Your Place in Inquisition” contest!

Source: [Facebook]
See the winner’s original audition here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzzSFtCcPV8

"If this is all just the Maker winding us up, I hope there’s a damn good punch line coming."


Avexis  Galyan  Cassandra